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Birthdate:Apr 22
Previously Lillian Luthor in Livejournal. Now finally migrated as a consequence of their recent, well... shittiness.

Interests (142):

adam lambert, alice cooper, american idol season 8, ancient civilizations, ancient history, ancient weaponry, angel the series, anne rice, anthropology, antiques, armand, art, art history, astronomy, ats, bach, ballet, batman, bill kaulitz, black, blade, blood ties, books, boticelli, bruce wayne, btvs, buffy the vampire slayer, camus, christian kane, chronicles of riddick, classic rock, clex, clint eastwood, conservation, cradle of filth, crossovers, daniel jackson, daniel malloy, david talbot, dean winchester, debussy, dimmu borgir, douglas adams, dr who, drawing, ethan rayne, etymology, fanfic, forever knight, glamdom, hannibal, harley davidson, haruka/michiru, highlander, history, huxley, in flames, j2, jared padalecki, jeffrey dean morgan, jensen ackles, john winchester, johnny cash, julien mayfair, kafka, katherine moennig, kradam, kris kristofferson, l word, languages, lestat de lioncourt, lestat/nicolas, lex luthor, linguistics, literature, london after midnight, lord byron, lord of the rings, lost boys, melissa etheridge, methos, museums, music, my chemical romance, mythology, nicolas de lenfent, night, opera, orlando bloom, orwell, outlaw country, painting, photography, pirates of the caribbean, potc slash, prehistory, queen, research, restoration, rhps, ripper, ripper slash, rocky horror picture show, rupert giles, sam winchester, science, sg-1, shakespeare, shoes, sisters of mercy, slash, smallville, spander, spangel, spiral zone, stargate, supernatural, swords, tattoos, taxidermy, tea, the fast and the furious, the highwaymen, three musketeers, tolstoi, torchwood, toulouse-lautrec, travian, vampire the masquerade, vampires, van gogh, viggo mortensen, viggorli, waylon jennings, wicca, willie nelson, winchesters, world of darkness, writing, ♀♀, ♂♂,
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